Jammers are indispensable in modern warfare

The U.S. assessment is supported by a photo taken last month by the commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe and provided to The Wall Street Journal. It shows a suspected signal jammer system with its antenna extended on Mischief Reef, one of seven Spratly outcrops where China has built fortified artificial islands since 2014, moving sand onto rocks and reefs and paving them over with concrete.

Bluetooth signal can also be used to remote detonate a Bomb. But the range is comparatively less of a bluetooth signal as compared to radio, so it doesn’t seem necessary to block that. Also if bluetooth is used to bomb a target, the bomber should be close buy to remote detonate the bomb and he will also be harmed in process. So it is next to a suicide mission, no use blocking by jammers.“As this is a rapidly evolving area, we will work in partnership with the US Navy to develop the next-generation  signal jammer capability, which will ensure that our aircraft remain at the technological forefront throughout their service life,” he added.

In one incident in Hanover, Germany, Bennington said, a GPS emulator being used for maintenance disrupted inbound aircraft navigation and actually electronically moved the runway threshold. It took authorities hours to find the source. NASA’s ASRS has recorded more than 100 incidents of interference, some serious enough to cause aircraft to lose position data. While drone jammer splatters the signal, spoofing actually fools the GNSS receiver into believing it’s somewhere else. In one well-known incident in the Mediterranean Sea, more than 20 ships were spoofed into believing their positions were miles away from their true location.

Dr. Dousseki’s discussion from a physician’s perspective brought our attention to a practice of signal jamming that US armed forces uses to protect our troops against improvised explosive devices while they are on patrol and during operations in these areas. He reminds us that these jamming activities cause problems for children and other hearing-impaired patients who use cochlear implants in the area where the jamming is used.