The value of the jammer is increasingly irreplaceable

The high governmental support to use the military jammer in military application acts as a key driver for the growth of the military  signal jammer market in the sector. The U.K uses drone jammer technology, which helps track the UAV flown by terrorists. Likewise, the Russian government has taken initiatives to upgrade the helicopter fleet, and the U.S. government has given contract award to Lockheed Martin for the testing and development of long-range radar. Such government initiatives play a major role in the growth of military jammer market over the forecast period.

Merrill did not define the size of a region a GPS jammer could knock out, but Jules McNeff, who spent 20 years in the Air Force working on GPS and is now vice president for strategies and programs at Overlook Systems Technologies Inc., a GPS engineering firm in Vienna, Va.,estimated a one watt cell phone jammer could blanket a medium sized city.Australian Defence Minister Marise Payne had announced in early March that her country would invest AUD250 million (USD190 million) to partner with the United States to develop a next-generation radar and radio jammer for the Growler that will “future-proof” the aircraft’s capabilities.

Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern presented the REX-1 counter-UAV rifle. This man-portable cell phone jammer provides a non-kinetic drone inhibitor. Utilizing multi-band jammer to defeat small UAS from a relatively short range, it can also be used to disrupt mobile phone communications, for example, securing a suspected…Signal intelligence system along with electro-optical sensors, provide additional layers of threat classification and identification, while RF jamming provides the soft-kill layer of this solution.

The company, which field thousands of dismounted counter RCIED jammers to the Marines Corps, the Army, the U.S. Special Forces Command (SOCOM) and inter-agency partners in Iraq and Afghanistan, found that warfighters need a multi-function, multi-domain battlefield EW capability. Based on the demonstrations and joint exercises that SNC has participated in, warfighters are looking to defeat manned system threats in the air, small unmanned aerial systems (UASs) or adversaries’ command and control (C2) radios, as well as RCIEDs, Coburn said.

“We have not had to worry about being jammed or being intercepted, that sort of thing,” Hodges said. “The Russians definitely have that capability to do that. If we are not disciplined, if we’re not trained and if we don’t use our communications equipment correctly, then we’ll be intercepted. And if you can be intercepted, then you can be hit.”The Army has revamped its primary infantry European training facility in Hohenfels, Germany, so that troops now face a hypothetical enemy armed with precision-guided munitions, rocket launchers and advanced electronic jammers — “all the things that the Ukrainians are encountering,” Hodges said.