Must buy a reliable GPS jammer

While we don’t know more about this particularly anti-drone antenna/rifle yet, we’ve seen other similar designs. The Battelle Memorial Institute built an anti-drone antenna that mounts to a rifle, and called it the “DroneDefender.” A more recent version of that weapon was spotted deployed in Iraq earlier this year. In November, drone jamming company Drone Shield unveiled the DroneGun, a similar antenna-rifle with a backpack power supply. The whole effect looked a little bit Ghostbusters in appearance.

Every technology has good aspect as well as bad aspect the important thing is, how we are using it. Such as signal jammer, most of the situation is used in the right place. But it is undeniable that some people use it to do bad things. Of course, today we are not talking about how jammers are used correctly, but detailed analysis of the jammer itself.

As you can see, GPS positioning has brought a lot of convenience. But where you did not notice, GPS is quietly revealing your personal information. Ubiquitous GPS positioning, through mobile phones, personal electronic devices continue to locate your whereabouts. In addition to these, some of the smart phone applications will also open the positioning function, exposing your whereabouts. So, in order to maintain personal information security and protect personal privacy, a reliable jammers are necessary.

In order to prevent hi-tech cheating, statutory examination-conducting bodies have been allowed to use mobile-phone jammers.The notification says that in order to guard against random proliferation of jammers as well as to ensure that they don’t unduly interfere with existing mobile-phone networks, a permission from secretary (security) in the cabinet secretariat has been made mandatory.

Since 2014, when Moscow annexed Crimea and moved into eastern Ukraine, several reports and military assessments have warned of growing Russian EW capabilities. These include airborne jammers that reportedly disabled electronics on a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea, radar jammer of aircraft, GPS jamming of drones and disruption of military communications in Ukraine.