Cell phone jammer is undoubtedly the best way to change the use of mobile phones

While we don’t know more about this particularly anti-drone antenna/rifle yet, we’ve seen other similar designs. The Battelle Memorial Institute built an anti-drone antenna that mounts to a rifle, and called it the “DroneDefender.” A more recent version of that weapon was spotted deployed in Iraq earlier this year. In November, drone jamming company Drone Shield unveiled the DroneGun, a similar antenna-rifle with a backpack power supply. The whole effect looked a little bit Ghostbusters in appearance.

gps jammer is undoubtedly the best way to change the use of mobilephone. Imagine, in the classroom, when all students are playing the phone, you open the jammer, you can instantly regain the classroom’s dominance. In the need to keep quiet places to use, then you will not hear annoying phone ringtones. When you meet with friends, use it to avoid everyone staring at the screen without talking.

Why do you say that? Maybe someone will ask that way. Because such jammers have a camouflage appearance, can be disguised as daily necessities, in the interference process is not found. For some places that need to remain quiet, such as conference rooms, churches, classrooms, cinemas and other places are essential items. Because the interference source is difficult to be found, so it is a relatively safe way of interference.

“All cell phones are used for in school 99% of the time is just for texting your friend in another class, taking pictures, surfing internet, and ‘passing time’ through the social networks during a teachers lecture. Im not saying cell phone jammer should be legal everywhere, but just within school grounds where students are encouraged to focus more in education during school hours and as soon as school is over and they leave the affected grounds, they can turn their phones on again and they’ll have their service for whatever they need it as soon as they’re off school grounds. Or as a more convenient way, these jammers DO come with an On and Off switch, the school principal can just activate and deactivate this device for the appropriate school hours.”

The gsm jammer needs to be destructive only to the downlink side of the cellular receiver and generate a strong enough band of carriers that inhibits a cell phone from logging into a data channel. This probably means no external antennas are needed, which limits the potential interference to most adjacent property cell sites. Individual rules could be considered to restrict or prohibit the authority of a facility to own and operate a jamming device is there is a cell site in close proximity. Potential interference can be further controlled by the use of leaky coax instead of a distributed antenna system.