Jammers are likely to affect your life

Spotted by Conflict News contributor Derek Bisaccio, this anti-drone rifle comes to us from Tasnim News, an Iranian media service. The anti-drone rifle was unveiled during a military exercise by Iran’s army. Tasnim describes it as “a drone jammer, a portable electronic device used for deflecting the hostile flying objects.Despite the resemblance to guns, jammers don’t literally shoot the drones. The drone wouldn’t just drop to the ground. Instead, it should hover in place within an invisible fence created by the jammer.

In the future, while we will hopefully never fight Russia or China, we almost certainly will fight someone who has bought advanced jamming and electronic warfare systems from them or even some of our own allies, said Tom Greco, Gen. Perkins’ chief of intelligence: “It is not a stretch to say that just about any capability that we have has the potential of being disrupted.”

DB290P is suitable for individual operation, with high mobility drone 4G jammer This product is suitable for all kinds of rallies, military operations, field patrols, arrest operations, such as the need for drone jamming. This jammer is equipped with high-performance chips, using high-power band suppression interference technology, the total transmit power can reach 150W, the average transmit power of more than 47dBm.

To be very clear, calling this technique jamming is inaccurate, but that hasn’t stopped a number of developers from using the term, so we’ll just play along for the sake of consistency. To properly jam WiFi (or any other form of radio communication), you basically blast out a lot of random noises on the frequencies that particular technology uses. It’s conceptually very simple, but also a very big infraction as far as our friends at the Federal Communications Commission are concerned; so it isn’t something you won’t be doing with any consumer-level WiFi hardware.

School bosses in Russia began their clamp down after noticing sneaky students had been using their smartphones to look up answers and and hints on the Internet during tests. In a major crackdown, telecoms business, Rosobrnadzor, advised schools to use metal detectors at the entrances of exam rooms and if possible, signal jammers, in a bid to ban mobile phones and tablets from the classroom.