Install jammers to prevent leakage of company secrets

high-tech electronic products in people’s work and have played an important role in business. People can use their worldwide trading partners to communicate. They can be used to present the results of their work and the work plan. In addition, these high-tech electronic products can help people improve efficiency. We love helping these devices provide. But all high-tech products have two sides. When we reap the benefits of high tech electronic products, we need to know what their weaknesses are yes. In other words, we need to overcome weaknesses and reduce threats.

Tech electronic products can easily be tracked, so our trade secrets are tracked. High-tech electronic products can help competitors get business information from the company. The most common situation is that employees can use mobile phones to take their business, equipment or tape recorder to record the meeting, and connect with competitors. These stories did not happen in the film, they really happen in our business. Some companies may even be due to the collapse of business information, the secret disclosed to competitors. We must therefore attach great importance to the supervisors of the company. Therefore, many companies put jammers installed in emphasis to prevent leaks

Our company is a designer and manufacturer of radio frequency gps jammer. We can produce a range of customer requirements to meet radio frequency jammers. This model is designed for business and production. Portable tri-band RF interference is a high power radio transmitter, can block the three frequencies 315MHz, 868MHz and 433MHz, customers can choose according to their own needs 315MHz, 868MHz and 433MHz. In other words, it can be easy to make cell phones, tape recorders, headphones and tapping hidden pinhole spy camera stopped working. When a power plug, the interference distance can reach 50m. This means that when installed in a room, the effective coverage distance up to 50 meters. If you are invited to the meeting room you do not belong to your company, to worry about. The device can use batteries, the effective distance up to 30 meters when using the battery. So you can take it to wherever you want a meeting. Your confidential business information is always protected and RF tri-band portable jammers.

Our goal is to help people have a better life. Cheap laptop jammer can effectively protect your absolute privacy.