Should gas stations be installed with jammers

4G signals, including 4G LTE and 4G Wimax, coupled with 2G and 3G signal is now widely used in smart phones. 6 high power antenna and an adjustable 3G 4G jammer mobile phone, today we are talking about is a professional mobile phone does not allow interference from these places.

In fact, so many unwelcome phone places is because of industrial security requirements, such as business meeting rooms, storage of flammable and explosive materials and gases, gas stations. You know, there are always a few words of warning to remind us, no phone. So why can’t we make and receive calls in the areas of these places?

For the gas station or gas station for example, and is ready to stop the gas at the station, we still remember to smoke a cigarette, but continued to chat on the phone. Molecular diffusion fueling process, density developed in a short period of time in the car. We do not know the phone explosion and ensure that the high frequency high definition signal. When the signal strength of the cell phone meets the computer hardware What will happen? Explosion. Because there is just a small static current to the flue gas, telephone operating status can reach points. Especially in rain and fog, poor ventilation can lead to the possibility of an explosion. In this way, Dr. Glenn Ziggy of the University of Oklahoma, to show us, calling gas stations can not cause fires and explosions.

Interference with a professional mobile phone, CDMA (851MHz-894MHz), GSM (925MHz-960MHz), DCS (1805MHZ-1880MHz, PCS (1930MHz-1990MHz), 3G (2110MHz-2185MHz), 4G (LTE) 725- 785MHZ4G (Wimax) 2300-2410MHZ these professional mobile phone jammers were invented which means that no mobile phone is used here in order to stay away from the bomb.