Smaller than the wallet, I believe you will like it

These are the minimum WiFi handsets to jam, and a rechargeable lithium battery with a built-in antenna. Ultra-small tool – when we left very portable.

wifi jammer on full charge can last two hours, so it has car charger and home charger for indoor and outdoor charging. If you can, you’re ready to switch power to the gadget, making it last longer.
Buying WiFi jammers have a disguised character – it looks like an unknown product, no word can tell us what the role of the device, let alone WiFi signal. Only the ON and OFF markers and off. Bigger than a remote control for the design of your pocket, of course, smaller than your wallet – Protect your secret mobile device way to ensure the security of unknown WiFi resources, insecurity and unclear.

WiFi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz, RF is the only objective. Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless audio spy cameras, wireless network cards and other products are also blocked by the signal frequency jammers work profession. useful device, you can adapt how to protect your security, keep a clear signal environment, which eliminates noise and WiFi pollution.

Very cheap price of $ 99.99, you could get a super mini-size WiFi jammers. Of course you can visit our store to get more good products