Jammers are designed to protect radar systems

Navy is developing a new, more powerful high-tech electronic warfare technology “Next Generation Jammer”, designed to allow stealth planes and bombers to destroy enemy targets without being detected by modern air missile defense.

Although RWR purely defensive technique, but NGJ willing to support aggressive interference stealth bomber and fighters, such as F / A-18 Super Hornet or Joint Strike Fighter F-35. Lojack gps jammer designed to protect radar systems from enemy air defense and protection by preventing aircraft.

“The use of SAM systems, we must reject the possibility of participating in the track. We tried to work with the plane, ”the idea is to paralyze the enemy’s air defense systems. We protect what type of aircraft is not important. Our task is to contain the enemy’s air defense, and allow the mission to continue. This is not only to allow the plane to survive, but also allows the plane to continue the mission – provide ammunition and go home.

In stealth combat and protection platforms, such as the B-2 bomber, now B-21 and F-35 stealth multi-role in development, in NGJ can be particularly useful. The technology is designed to block or “blind” enemy radar systems, such as the ground integrated air defense system to attack aircraft in the target area and then exit from safety.
This is useful in today’s modern environment because evade radar’s stealth configuration itself is no longer as dominant or efficient as current and emerging air defense technology.

today’s modern air defense systems, such as the Russian-made S-300 and S-400 multi-purpose anti-aircraft missiles, increasingly capable of detecting stealth aircraft over longer distances and more frequency range large. Today’s most advanced systems, as well as for future system design, using faster computer processors, using more and more digital technology network. NGJ aims to deter and defeat radar surveillance technology, can prevent enemy air defenses in the region, as well as allow air defense targets, tracking and destroyed “attack” radar attack aircraft higher frequency.
“To make contact with the target radar range or the control radar is very narrow, the enemy’s defense forces are looking for the sky. We are the enemy through a straw looking for the sky. As only opening the world by soda, we can force them into a very narrow range, so that they never saw the plane in their arms, “said Winston. Winston does not specify whether the NGJ offensive capability will make an offensive attack on enemy radio communications, antennas or other types of electronic signals.

He said, “It can block any radio frequency transmitter or receiver in the NGJ frequency range – it can block the function of anything RF. NGJ the two 15-foot-long POD in the EA-18G designed to emit an electronic signal to the following aircraft rumble. A jammer on each side of the aircraft. Before analyzing radar return signals, electromagnetic forward transmission, popups, position, size, shape and speed of the object and the like. However, if the interference of the electromagnetic signal in some way blocked or “blocked”, the system cannot detect an object or target in the same way.