Increasing frequency of jammers in major conferences

Delegates from all over the world attended the meeting, which will start on March 12 for a long time, and this is probably the most interesting and secure meeting. The importance of information security is so high that it will become history. Sistine Chapel and Santa Maria are equipped with interference signals throughout the living area to prevent information leakage.

Some special phones have inexpensive portable jammer that prevent 115 cardinals from participating in elections via modern wireless devices and prevent all surveillance and church equipment from tapping Santa Maria and the living room. Although all staff and cardinals swore not to disseminate information and the entire electoral process during the meeting, they still performed poorly and can now use the equipment to communicate.

But that’s not all. The Cardinal decided to wait for anyone trying to destroy the secret, even if it was beyond the scope of the decision. “The jammer is the most powerful device in the electronic age. Cardinals will use measurement technologies such as the iPad or Tweeter at a conference in 2005 to solve problems. The solution is unfamiliar. But it was adopted in 2005, but since smart phones and tablets not only widely use anti-eavesdropping devices, there is no need to use 3G and 4G interference devices.

One of the reasons for adopting these strict security measures is that there are many young cardinals at this conference, many of whom have their own blogs and microblogs, and the Vatican does worry about the possibility of information leakage. If the meeting will last a long time, there is a precedent when the German cardinal gives the name of the newly elected pope to the German press.

Many people think this is a very wise decision, because now mainly monitoring and monitoring equipment, modern Cardinal smartphones can also bring risks. Smartphones have many vulnerabilities that malware can use to monitor them. To do this, you can target your phone via Bluetooth, or install a special application that can randomly dial phone numbers. In this case, the church could become a tapped cell phone. We believe this behavior will prove that the Vatican’s blocking signals are indeed useful, and their sole purpose is to protect your information.

As we have already mentioned, the meeting started on March 12 and ended on March 14, with devoted believers seeing white smoke and hearing bells from the pipes of the Sistine Chapel. Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Berg Gugliot became the new pope. Fortunately, having a jammer made it all go so smoothly.