The perfect combination of mobile phone jammer and Bluetooth jammer

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Of course, now, different styles of signal blocking devices are now available on the market, and the most favorable price and high quality design, in this passage, this “4 pocket signals antenna Bluetooth mobile phone 3G WiFi jammers” is here examples and you can enter more details later, for more details on this handheld WiFi 3G mobile phone occlusion device.

Soon you will know, this portable WiFi Bluetooth signal interference designed to prevent CDMA / GSM DCS / PHS 3G mobile phone frequency band and the Bluetooth / WiFi band, so that the combination of a cell phone jammers jammers and Bluetooth jammers perfect combination, it has powerful features required by many people. therefore has 2W output power, the radius of the jammer shield can reach 15 meters, depending on a given area of ​​signal intensity, the intensity is strong enough to meet the needs of many people. So, for motorists to use this equipment is also very convenient, as long as the use of the on-board charger, pocket Bluetooth signal jammers can be charged when people drive a car,

And because this portable 3G Bluetooth signal blocker design size is very small, so this WiFi signal jammer phone can easily go along with people outside, which is really easy to help people. . Of course, there are many other models of portable WiFi Bluetooth signal jammers and other multi-functional signal blocker is here to provide, if any, and here then you get a more satisfactory price.