4G jammer is currently the most complete jammer

Sometimes, we often see that the police always hold a rectangular black box, and sometimes they are on the arms of security personnel and special police. What is this? Yes, it is a portable hand-held jammer that blocks the signal from the base station and the phone and stops the phone from working. Well, if needed, wear it so that it can provide you with a quiet environment and reject unpleasant sounds.

Now consider whether you need a signal 4G jammer? If your work is to be kept secret, then your workplace is unstable and maybe you need a phone jammer. Here we are going to introduce a 4G mobile phone jammer. It is interference for all 3G 4G phones. After charging, you can take it to the car, office, room, gym or swimming pool to ensure that all 3G mobile phones will not leak your speech and work, it will protect your information in all directions, which is very attractive Human.

This is the latest 2G 3G portable 2G portable device. In addition to interfering with 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals, you should also avoid using CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G signal functions. It is currently the most complete and powerful interference device. In addition to the group you want to select, it’s up to you, if you don’t want to block one or two bands, you can disable them and leave the other bands on.

At the same time, the jammer can still block signals in other frequency bands. Depending on the length of the telephone signal, the interference range can reach 15 meters. It has good features! , Received a lot of likes.

You should watch out for cellphone jammers. Another advantage is that you can use the car charger in the car, which provides you more convenience, not only allows you to shield all signals anytime, anywhere, but also makes your information more secure.

In addition, it has a cooling fan if its operating temperature is not very high. If so, it works regardless of hot summers and cold winters. All in all, it is a perfect mobile phone jammer in terms of features, price and quality. If you are looking for such a jamming device, please take immediate action to add the perfect jammer from your phone to your shopping cart, I believe we will bring you a good product.