The use of jammers has advantages and disadvantages

The reliable source said that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a proposal to install a mobile phone jammer on taxis and limousines to prevent drivers from leaving their phones and paying attention to the road. They plan to use a smaller working range jammer. Due to the limited range of jammers, passengers are advised to always call from the back seat. Drivers of course object, claiming that mobile phones are essential to their work and they need to keep in touch with customers.

What do you think? Obviously, the purpose of this suggestion is good, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving without a cell phone. Many car accidents have reportedly been caused by the driver of the car using the phone, which has drawn attention. Many drivers are used to answering calls while driving, although very dangerous. The mobile phone jammer can block the mobile phone signal to prevent the driver from removing the phone. This is obviously good, but once the jammer is used, it is equivalent to disappearing while driving, which will cause worry to family and friends.

In fact, most drivers are reluctant to install mobile jammers in their cars. Because it will affect emergency situations. But imagine, if possible, that the jammer turns on when the car is moving, making it impossible for the driver to use the phone while driving the car. After stopping, portable jammer can be turned off without affecting the use time of the mobile phone. But there seems to be a problem, what is to be done when the car is in an emergency? I think it can set an emergency button for emergency calls. When the button is on, it turns off the phone jammer and allows the phone to be used. What do you think

Of course, there may be other issues. However, using a text message or a call while driving is obviously a dangerous decision, and you can turn on your phone to check some information during a break. In any case, to avoid this, consider using interfering agents.