Jammer shields drone detection

Recently, someone (not his real name) suddenly discovered that his drone was unable to fly near the summit of the seven castles. He said: “I think that because of the proximity of the airport, the relevant authorities can make some technical adjustments or install drone detection equipment.

In January, the drone fired at an international airport near a civilian aircraft. With the popularity of Americans, the spread of similar incidents continues: Not long ago, the airport was repeatedly injured by Americans, more than 200 flights were diverted, cancelled and delayed, and thousands of passengers were affected. Prior to that, there were no civil aviation flights at airports such as Chengdu Airport, Kunming Airport, and Changshui Airport.

Yesterday, someone told reporters on the Internet that the unmanned air traffic control of the mountain airport has been launched, and investigations into the prevention and control of cloud computing systems and electronic fences are underway.

In addition, yesterday, the General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a notice on the 18th to formalize the civil aircraft registration system. On June 1, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with a mass of more than 250 grams were set to implement records, share and inquire about the operation of cloud platforms. Cross-linking and UAV (uav) system.

Early players. Three or four years ago, he spent more than 7,000 yuan on large drones. He now has five drones.

“After the flight, I saw several people and I was flying in the same place.” This is not allowed and will involve.

Currently, the Model Broadcasting Sports Association has remote pilot aviation model pilot training and license evaluation (CBSA). The person in charge of the association introduced that they have been training for the project since last year. So far, about 1,000 people have been trained and licensed. But this number is much lower than the number of drones in our province. Because this training is not mandatory, the association can only actively defend it.
In Linyi, although no pilots have been trained, the vast majority of people still know that drones are prohibited in the restricted area.

To prevent drones from “black flying”, the international airport has always adopted a multi-pronged approach. On January 18 this year, the mountain area issued a “single contact” in the customs clearance area of ​​the airport to inform the relevant regulations and illegal sanctions for illegal flight activities. Recently, the airport deliberately prepared a work plan for the prevention and control of Hangzhou Hill Airport to ensure that it can be closed in time. Manned aircraft airport entry zone (UAV). The most promising “black technology” in airport methods today is the tested “electronic fence” technology.

Electronic fences are very popular and are installed at airports to interfere with gps jammer . “In actual tests, the interference radius is 15 kilometers.” Supervisor. On the day of the test, the drone was 11 km away and the phone was equipped with electronic fence remote control software. When the electronic portal is opened, the drone immediately loses the transmission of images and links. The drone cannot accept instructions and can only return to the ground according to its GPS system. The electronic barrier will interfere with success.