Obtaining the jammer requires the consent of the relevant authorities?

Peshawar: As terrorism develops due to its guerrilla nature, long-range roadside bombs launched by terrorists seem to have adapted to the disruptors in police cars. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Station (KP) equips police patrol cars, especially those patrolling rural areas, with radio jammers. The device was installed after terrorists began using radios to detonate roadside bombs and other bombs. In recent years, this method has become one of the most popular methods for police patrols.

But after police hired jammers, it reduced roadside bomb attacks, especially in Peshawar. But this has prompted terrorists to change the way these bombs are detonated. They have now begun using radios to replace these radios with GSM signals via mobile phones to deactivate these improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

“Unfortunately, these terrorists are smart, they know we use radio portable jammer in vehicles. So now they are using mobile phones as triggers that require GSM jammers,” a police officer at Express Tribune said. He added that GSM jammers can only be obtained from the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTD) or other security agencies.

When the improvised explosive device exploded near the Urmar school, the terrorists changed their approach. A CTD van was approaching the scene when it was attacked by a roadside improvised explosive device. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attack.

Police officials said: “Last week, terrorists attacked a house with improvised explosive devices in the Ghana Lehman Kira area within the purview of the Duazhai police station,” police officials said, adding that the radical The elements have resumed attacks in the area.

“Two improvised explosive devices were planted on the way to the school. When a family member rushed to the bombing site in a jeep, the terrorists mistakenly thought he was a police officer and targeted him in another explosion,” Officials said. “But he was lucky to escape.”

“When a police force was dispatched to the scene, their vehicles were also attacked, but they were able to survive because the vehicles were disrupted.” The official also said that terrorists associated with the ISIS in the area attacked other radicals Opponents of the organization.

“Members of Da’esh target Afghan Taliban supporters and members. It is evident from the assassination of Peshawar Shula and other religious leader Mura Dodd in Peshawar,” the official said, adding The organization has become a new threat and is competing with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Also scattered on the outskirts of Peshawar.

Although it remains to be seen whether the KP government will allocate funds for GSM jammers in the next budget, some police officers have carried the devices themselves. However, using these devices is cumbersome, as police on equipped vans cannot use their phones. In modern times, mobile phones are often as important as radios.

GSM jammers cost only Rs 10,000 in Karachi and Lahore. They are portable and you can carry them in the car, “said a police officer.