Portable jammers are very popular

What do you keep hearing about interfering signals called “complaints”, wireless alert systems or GSM connections (which are necessary to transmit alerts to ancillary services) Is it possible? How much technical knowledge is required? Therefore, from the beginning: sabotage of radio networks is punishable: distribution, possession and use of electrical equipment (GSM jammers) that prevent radio communications are prohibited. In view of the protection objectives of the Federal Radio System and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Act (FTEG) of the Official Journal II 134/2001 and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations of the Federal Official Journal II 2006, May 29, 2006, cannot be highly regarded , The use of jammers on the market in Austria is for sale. Similarly, the use of these devices is prohibited.

In addition to administrative sanctions of up to € 36,336, telecommunications authorities can also seize these devices. Disturb at school: The principal pointed out how technically it works? It’s actually very simple: the portable jammer sends the RF signal to the receiving area of ​​the phone. The unfortunate situation is closer than the unfortunate situation of the next tower, it does not even need a lot of energy to disturb the mobile phone. Is suffering difficult? What does this mean for wireless alert systems?

Internal communication between the system and components occurs at 434 MHz or 868 MHz (not to be confused with 802.11 WIFI 2.4 GHz). Meaningless, WIFI is designed to carry large amounts of data, but is not suitable for penetrating solid materials (walls).

Many radio systems communicate in two directions, and if there is no communication with individual detectors, the center will become like this, which may cause interference / damage, and also in emergency centers (call centers). Of course, GSM / GPRS should only be the second communication method. This means that the control center must be wired for communication (for example, TCP / IP over cable / ADSL phone lines).

Radio communication is easily interrupted. If it is a wireless alarm system, the two-way alarm and wired connection on the keyboard, GSM / GPRS is only used as an auxiliary means. The super safe side is of course the wired alarm system.