The noise emitted by the GPS jammer is the same frequency used by the satellite

I bought it on and it looked pretty harmless when the four-ounce envelope arrived from New York. It contains a black plastic case, about the size of a finger, a small black antenna that can be screwed onto the case, and two glass fuses. It is designed to fit a car’s 12-volt power outlet (equipment for fixing a cigarette lighter).

If I connect the gadget to my car, the signal from the GPS will be scrambled within a 16-foot radius, rendering the Google Maps app on my smartphone unusable and disabling anything that may be on the car Tracking equipment. Sounds harmless, but when you consider that thousands of lives (for example, everyone on an airplane today) and billions of dollars depend on reliable and accurate GPS signals, it’s not hard to understand why small jammers , Others also like it. Illegal use, sale or manufacture in the United States. Every time I open it, I could be fined $ 16,000.

But they are easy to connect and I am not the only one who has ordered it. Security researcher Vlad Gostomelsky has been running complex detectors across the country for eight months to find out who is using gps jammer,essentially and why. His research found that despite the risks, the daily use of jammers by ordinary people is very interesting. He saw truckers trying to avoid paying tolls, employees preventing bosses from following their cars, high school students using them to drive drones in restricted areas, even what he considered police. Infiltrators use them to avoid queuing-and prove that in the wireless world, the devices used to avoid detection can actually help you find a way out easier. You just need to look at the right channels.

Even the sale and use of jammers by the police is a federal crime and can be punished with a fine of imprisonment. Regardless of the specific cause of each user, jammers can pose a serious threat, interfering with satellite signals that these phones rely on for basic systems such as phones, airplanes, and the New York Stock Exchange. When using one of these systems, these systems can be in trouble.

The Global Positioning System sends accurate time data based on 31 satellites equipped with atomic clocks; the receiver calculates its position by determining its precise distance from a few of these satellites. It is used not only for navigation purposes, but also for precise synchronization, for example, for documenting market transactions (time is money). The GPS jammer emits the same noise as the satellite, so the receiver cannot receive the signal. Depending on the scatter ability of the jammer, the jammer may block GPS reception for a few meters or several kilometers.