Jammers come in many shapes

It is difficult to define the number of existing interfering devices. However, if there is a frequency, countermeasures must be taken to allow frequency interference. However, the entire spectrum of the frequency band is very wide, and it is impossible for a jammer to block all frequencies themselves. In fact, it can never be a broad-spectrum jammer capable of blocking all frequency bands. Therefore, jammers are used to target the most common communication bands. Due to the very high development cost of portable jammer equipment, jamming equipment is dedicated to the most common frequencies. Among these bands (most common) are:

Recently, cellular jammers have focused on GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS, 3G and 4G frequencies. These jammers have the function of blocking or canceling audio communication and data transmission through the Internet. Often used to avoid security risks and prevent information leakage and theft. It also helps prevent privacy risks. Some phones are used to automatically hold calls in order to ‘listen to a conversation.’ These frequencies are also common in spy and spy 3G GSM cameras and microphones, currently 4G. Therefore, these frequency suppressors can prevent and eliminate intrusions. Due to the triangulation of the signal, the locations that should be avoided, through which the phone user can be easily found, are also interesting. If it is widely used in universities and schools, it is often used to avoid the use of spy headphones or helmets used to deceive tests.

GPS jammers on the GPS tracker have many frequency bands, but the most famous is L1 (Extended Civilian). There are four other frequency bands on the GPS frequency for police, military, government and scientific research. GPS interference equipment is mainly used to avoid being tracked by a GPS locator, or to be monitored by a third party who may know our activities at any time. Nowadays, it is easy to find spyware that can be easily installed on mobile phones to control the location in real time. A GPS tracking system keeps them focused on our activities, insurance companies can monitor car usage, and your vehicle can be monitored through a fleet control system that always indicates your location and many other uses related to location control. And mobile satellite communications.

The jammer for WIFI or BLUETOOTH and wireless cameras, the purpose of the wifi jammer is to avoid communication equipment based on the 2.4 GHz civil band communication, although there are also 5.6 / 5 bands, 8 GHz, more and more after the 2.4 GHz band is saturated use. These frequencies include almost all household appliances such as phones, computers, routers, set-top boxes, wireless microphones, most miniature cameras and spy devices.

A walkie talkie is a jammer that focuses on the frequency of the walkie-talkie because it is a widely used device that is very cheap and is not (directly) controlled by the phone operator. Government), often used for criminal purposes. Used to remotely activate a workpiece.

Radio frequency jammers, these devices are occasionally used as radio control commands, other communication equipment, etc. At these frequencies, usually only VIP devices are considered because they are very accidental or very technical / professional. Usually, the power for these frequencies is large. You’ll find radar, microwave communications, dedicated microphones, car control and automation, and more.