Phone jammer can protect your privacy

With the continuous development of technology and the Internet, many users, especially families with children or pets, many smart cameras are very popular. Because no matter where you are, after opening the client, you can see the real-time shooting scene, which was unimaginable in the previous scene.

However, the development of smart cameras has a certain impact on the privacy of users, especially if the camera is defective. Hackers can use it, and your privacy can be exposed to intruders. According to foreign media reports, there is a vulnerability in Samsung smart cameras, which could allow an attacker to inadvertently use the legacy Samsung web server to fix the vulnerability of Samsung smart cameras and access the root directory of the device. . Hackers can then inject their own commands to remotely execute root commands, which can monitor you or perform other actions that violate your privacy.

You can use your phone portable jammer to protect your privacy, which may block your phone signal. Or wireless jammers can help, they can build a solid fortress on your personal information.

So far, Samsung has not released a new patch to address this issue. In fact, there is still a lot of information about the privacy issues of smart cameras, and I hope manufacturers can pay attention to this issue.