GPS jammer activity has continued

South Korea ’s ICT ministry said on Saturday that despite Seoul ’s warning, North Korea had sent a signal for the third consecutive day to stop South Korea ’s global positioning system (GPS), but it did not cause serious damage. There are reports.

The North Korean government strongly warned North Korea on Friday that it should immediately end the provocative actions that undermine the global positioning system because it violates international standards.

The Ministry of National Defense stated that since Thursday, gps jammer activity in the northern part of the country has continued, although there have been no reports of serious damage to civilians, such as in the operations of aircraft and ships.

An official from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said: “The disturbing signals have been coming (from North Korea) constantly, although they keep coming.”

“The waveform has not changed significantly.” The Ministry of Information Industry announced on Friday that the movement had destroyed GPS in the northern part of the country, affecting 150 aircraft and 68 ships in South Korea, but did not cause significant losses.

According to the Coast Guard, passenger and fishing vessels usually operate in the waters off the east and west coasts of the country.

An official from the Coast Guard said: “No GPS-related damage was reported on Saturday.” “We are closely monitoring the situation and are stepping up surveillance of safe navigation.”

The Seoul Defense Department said that in the face of increasing pressure from the international community on North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program, North Korea ’s actions aimed at aggravating tension on the divided peninsula.

The government has indicated that destructive signals from the north may reach approximately 100 kilometers from the transmission point near the highly solid North Korean border and may affect Seoul.

The ministry said that due to North Korea ’s provocation, there have been no reports of negative effects on the South Korean military. He warned that if Pyongyang does not stop provocation, he will charge North Korea “the price it deserves”.