In the United States, the use of jammers is called illegal

Mark asked: “Is there a device I can use at home, everyone can eat, I can toggle the switch, turn on something, it will cut off all cellular signals in my house. Or in a certain area No one pulled out the phone and checked Instagram or something? ”

Mark, there must be some devices that can block signals from mobile phones, WiFi, GPS, police radar, etc. You can easily find them online with prices ranging from $ 100 to thousands of dollars, and they can work normally. Completely illegal.

The FCC even issued the following warning on its website: “We remind consumers that using a phone shield or similar device that deliberately blocks, blocks or interferes with authorized radio communications violates federal laws (eg cell phones, police radar, GPS and Wi-Fi) , Although some marketers claim that consumers still cannot legally use gps jammer in the United States, and retailers cannot legally sell them. ”

The fine was not a joke. In 2014, a man in Florida was fined $ 48,000 for using a jammer to prevent other drivers from standing next to his phone. LaGuardia Airport was fined nearly $ 32,000 and was launched as a GPS jammer, so that his boss could not track him. He accidentally interfered with the communication at the airport.

A computer scientist in Chicago hopes to get peace while riding a train until he may be sentenced to prison for a fine of $ 10,000 (a fine of $ 100,000) for using a jammer. A school in Dallas was fined $ 25,000 for the blockade signal.

It is up to you to decide whether to take risks, but you may want to talk to social media addicts and see if you can reason with them.