Mobile phone jammers have become the focus of attention

With the advancement of technology, cheating has become a high-tech, you can use mobile phones, wireless headphones and Bluetooth devices to get answers. Many people even hide transmitters in the examination room.

An official said: “The portable jammer will prevent the movement of electronic devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operation. Once the fuselage is determined, BPSC will clean up near the center to install the jammer.”

The jammer operator must be responsible by the relevant supplier to avoid any local changes in the inspection center. The jammer effectively deactivated the phone. They transmit at the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, thus interrupting the communication between the phone and the mobile phone base station in the tower.

Although the use of mobile phones is prohibited in the exam room, last year, MBB students from a private university managed to use Bluetooth devices and microphones to deceive the recent exams. “We installed cell phone jammers in the four exams to avoid cheating during the exam. The education department is also responsible for closely monitoring the number of students and carefully checking the suspects.” The dean said.

At Kyoto University in Japan. After the recent fraud incident at Kyoto University and four other famous university entrance exams, cell phone jammers have become the focus of attention.

The GSM blocker sends radio signals in the 800 MHz frequency band and is used as the main carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo and KDDI phone input. It may also provide products for other groups.

At present, the main professional users of 4G mobile phone jammers are operators of hospitals, concert halls and movie theaters, and some banks have also installed equipment on ATM machines to avoid “secondary” fraud (this is me, it is me).

In phone scams, criminals usually lead the elderly to the fraudster ’s temporary bank account over the phone, claiming that their relatives or acquaintances were suddenly financially restricted. According to mobile phone jammer dealers, the university has now been added to the customer list.