Do you dare to easily connect to public WiFi?

With the development of mobile phones, people’s demand for the Internet is getting higher and higher, and the demand for data traffic is increasing. People’s daily traffic is up to 3G or higher, so people rely on WiFi signals. As for the large number of WiFi networks, you can see that in movie theaters, restaurants, train stations and other places, it will be a WiFi network, which provides convenience for people and brings some trouble to people. For example, with WiFi, people can use their phones, their phones can shoot videos, etc., to watch them in public places. If everyone is good at following the rules of public places, then the problem is not big. But people meet, so some people’s poor quality will never ignore others’ opinions, feel in a quiet place, enjoy themselves, make calls, watch TV, play games, listen to music, and disturb others. This inevitably leads to such a problem, why install WiFi signal? How can such a person? So on and so forth.

In public places, when you connect to free WiFi, the background of your phone may quietly click AD. The new key of the WiFi network sharing platform released the “China Public WiFi Security Report for the First Half of 2017” shows that under hotspot monitoring, more than 99% of the risks brought by the passive network are targeted at user-clicking ads.

WiFi allows people to access it, but it cannot be a victim of cultural relics or an accomplice. Public WiFi hazards can ensure full coverage of official safe WiFi. For example, the government has strengthened the operation and maintenance of public free WiFi, which will greatly reduce public WiFi traps.

On the one hand, WiFi signals bring comfort to people. On the other hand, it also has a negative impact on people’s lives. So is there a way to solve this problem? Can I use WiFi without too much trouble? The answer is yes, there is a simple, rude way to use WiFi signal jammer.

WiFi jammer is a device that prevents wifi bluetooth-interferes with the signal interference of WLAN frequency. Using a Wi-Fi jammer can, on the one hand, keep your children away from the virtual world, and on the other hand, keep them away from the virtual world. Let your family spend less time on the phone and set aside time. Make public places more convenient and more. On the other hand, this is also very important. Now that public WiFi may have potential security risks, some criminals can connect terrible things with other devices to other WiFi devices that have WiFi stolen the same information, and use WiFi jammers as A good solution to this problem, so that you can spend Internet time more safely and comfortably, and need quiet time for your children to grow up healthy, they will not indulge in the online world to improve their lives.

Our store provides you with various types of powerful WiFi jammers. Some of these remote jammers will interfere with the adjustment range. The only interference signal will not affect the use of WiFi neighbors, nor will it affect other electronic devices, etc. . Will not harm the human body.