Encrypted WiFi plus jammer is more robust

When using encryption, the overall equation of privacy and lifestyle changes. In many cases, lives are endangered due to encrypted networks, and vice versa.

The debate about wireless network encryption is endless, and the correct use depends on the situation. For example, security officials are discussing the use of encryption on their networks. Therefore, the use of encrypted networks provides a more secure environment. On the other hand, opponents made the opposite request, arguing that law-abiding citizens should keep secrets because they let others know what they are doing. They also argue that everyone knows what happens when an emergency occurs.

On the other hand, the argument of using encryption applies to officials working in secret. Media operations may also suffer setbacks because they cannot access real-time media and can manipulate the original message.

The latest news that the police encrypted their equipment surfaced. The 32 police authorities in Camden County have switched their radio technology to a unified communications system. The encryption used by the entire system is military wifi jammer .

Jim Jankowski, director of regional communications, said police scanners and Internet applications will not help increase media suffering.

After serious problems occurred in September this year, the encryption work accelerated, resulting in a gun battle in the Navy Dock in Washington, DC. The death toll was 13. The incident led to encryption by the communications department (including DC radio). The role of the fire brigade is questioned here, because even after the broadcast, the fire brigade cannot reach the fault area.

When we see both sides of the same coin, the risk is great. As the golden saying goes: “Everything around us has advantages and disadvantages.

“So, do we really have to encrypt radio transmissions? We are looking for a compromise. We cannot possibly have the best in the world. Any organization that wants to encrypt the entire network should view this issue from a different perspective. There is a balanced relationship between the role of citizens who abide by the law and their advantages, the role of the media in current news dissemination, and criminals who use unencrypted data to escape and plan their next steps should be extra careful.

Everything else, will the new encryption system change the entire game? Only time can tell us until we wait for observation.

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