Jammers are becoming more common in prisons

The District of Columbia law enforcement agency obtained a special temporary permit (STA) from the FCC to demonstrate targeted cell phone jammers targeting prisons. STA conducted a 30-minute test between 11:30 am and 1 pm on January 8. However, the DC DoC canceled 1/7 of the demonstration, and did not officially explain why the test was canceled.

My hope is that DC DoC has realized that it is foolish to use technology to make smuggled items useless compared to preventing smuggling. No matter which method is used to smuggle the mobile phone into the prison, you can also enter the prison. Even if the DC DoC itself did not complete the test, the test may have been stopped by the court.

CTIA tries to prevent cell phone interference demo in DC Jail

In a statement to the U.S. court, CTIA stated that the operation of this interference technology is completely illegal under Section 333 of the Communications Act, and the committee lacks the legal authority to authorize violations of this Congressional policy to protect the wireless spectrum Rights of authorized users. Appeal to the District of Columbia Circuit. In addition, the decision to approve the model does not notify the public or interested parties, has no opportunity to comment, does not consider evidence to prove the possible consequences of the legal transfer of the planned technology, and there is no urgent need for public safety with arbitrary and capricious decisions nature.

CTIA went to court after not receiving any regulatory relief from the FCC.

CTIA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Christopher Guttman-McCabe said that although we believe that prisoners should not use wireless phones during detention, there are other non-intrusive and legal methods to take the phone away from the hand. Several companies provide wireless detection systems that prisons can use to identify and confiscate phones without interfering with wireless communications. As previously confirmed by the FCC, Congress has specifically prohibited the use of cell phone portable jammer in state prisons.

For the manufacturers who read this story and read this article, they believe that prison officials should not prevent cell phones from being smuggled into prison or discovering and confiscating cell phones there. On the contrary, prisons should buy their equipment so that mobile phones cannot work, and their interest is high. My feeling is that if prison officials cannot prevent the smuggling of mobile phones into the prison, they cannot stop the smuggling of weapons, money and other prohibited items into the prison. It ’s crazy to believe that prison officials in large prisons do n’t have to prevent weapons from being smuggled into prisons. The public will be safer

Assuming that prison officials will not prevent the phone from entering the prison, why don’t they use this situation? You should use currently available legal equipment to monitor prisoners ’cell communications, track calls with the recipient, and then let the recipient be arrested for committing a crime. These phone recordings will be strong evidence for the court to prosecute criminals who help prisoners intimidate witnesses or carry out other illegal activities. No, they will never do that, because it requires real work, rather than turning the magic switch like the commentator in the previous article.