Signal jammers will change the rules of the game

Portable jammers are very popular in every country in the world. Although there is no clear usage law, they are not only used in key units, but are increasingly used by individuals to better protect privacy and prevent the use of mobile phones.

The mobile wifi jammer is connected to the base station computer. The use of these devices is prohibited in these areas. In the past, mobile jammers used only mosques, libraries, churches, theaters, and meeting rooms to lock the phone, so no one was angry, but now this kind of interference is very common. When people’s phone signals want to avoid participation, especially in this case. The task seems to have been defeated by industry experts. But this kind of signal interference will change the rules of the game.

In addition to the classrooms and theaters we mentioned earlier, cell phones in restaurants can sometimes be unpopular. Therefore, the article title indicates that the restaurant requires a mobile phone. In restaurants where shorts and shoes are annoying, mobile phones are blacklisted, and jammers can solve this problem.

In addition, jammers are in different price categories. These obstacles may form pockets, and the size of the cell phone jammer may offset the GPS position. Compatibility with these devices is different. Some cell phone jammers are only blocked in a small area. The pocket stop signal jammer can be installed at a short distance. These devices are very useful when people travel. Some devices are used to report traffic jams, as well as schools and universities.

People spend time in restaurants or cafes, but some people speak more than normal on the phone, talking and other activities. There is no absolute silence, but noise and other boring things, especially the distribution of mobile phones, fewer interference bans, mobile phones work normally, chaos throughout the restaurant, jammer coverage area, some boring behavior (in other words, do not reduce The volume of the phone, the server has started and is waiting for its order until the end of the phone) will never come back. 8 antenna 4W powerful multi-band CDMA, PCS, DCS, 3G 4G WiFi GPS LoJack signal frequency mobile phone jammer. Fully meet our requirements. The interference radius can reach 30 meters, which is the most important factor.