Jammers are the best way to stop signals

Today, the communications industry is developing rapidly. Millions of people around the world use different types of communication standards and electronic devices to communicate with each other and transfer important information from one person to another. For this reason, many different communication companies compete with each other in many communications.

British telecommunications regulator Ofcom said: “A large number of cellular communications companies from the UK are blocking many Skype users, violating innovation and violating the law in this way.” At an additional cost, its users are not allowed to use Internet phones. The joint venture between Orange and Deutsche Telekom, called Everywhere Everywhere, directly blocked Skype because it enables users to make calls at lower prices, especially in other cities and countries.

The agency Ofcom has promised that if the operators of cellular communications will not turn off these blocking actions and interfere with the legalization of interference. Skype took full advantage of this situation and began negotiations with mobile operators to discuss the terms of the partnership. Jean-Jacques Sahel, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “We have no patience from Ofcom.”-Europe still has too many restrictions.

More than 663 million people worldwide use Skype and its services, and you may be one of them. The question is: how long will the cellular communication company prevent you from accessing Skype? Should we continue in the future? If these companies block your access to Skype, you may be able to do the same thing!

In order to use your own money to pay for these cellular communications companies, you can use a mobile phone portable jammer , which is the best way to block the communication signals provided by various mobile phone operators. If you do so, many others will follow your leadership and continue to do so, and at some point, all these mobile communication companies will feel like Skype now, they will understand that their behavior is bad, anti-innovation, anti-social Yes, so they must do it once and for all!

How do you view the competition between different communication providers? What will you do? Share all your thoughts in the comments!