Jammers can also protect your location and private information

According to federal law, even the simplest cell phone must be able to collect user location data so that emergency services can respond appropriately in an emergency. However, the current Obama administration wants to use this information for its own purposes.

According to a report in the Washington Times, the Justice Department submitted a brief statement to the US Court of Appeal last month. They insist that the authorities have the right to collect tracking data of their mobile phones portable jammer within 60 days without having to do so for any possible reason.

If it is claimed that this detailed data is related to the criminal investigation, then the authorities may not be able to truly contact anyone ’s movements. In the current case, the federal agent searched the mobile history of certain T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers, but the federal judge ruled that the authorities that could prosecute these people presumed that it was sufficient to obtain general user data, such as his name and address , More convincing evidence must be submitted to the court to force the release of all location data.

The government has appealed to the local court and discussed location information, which contains important third-party business records, which are completely unprotected by data. The judge ruled that this absolutely violated the fourth change.

The main concern is that by allowing the authorities to access each person ’s private location data within a two-month period, the complete picture of a person ’s life can be displayed. The information can show all friends, political tendencies, colleagues, the person ’s religious beliefs and hobbies, and even bad habits such as playing games. Such sensitive data may be easily used to blackmail political enemies, just as it is used to discover organized criminal groups.

However, the other side deserves attention. There may be a few people who do n’t mind the authorities persecuting people they think are very dangerous to the public, such as drug drugs, sex offenders and suspicious terrorists. However, if you want to protect the privacy of law-abiding citizens, you can stop the Obama administration from using a smartphone or other embedded GPS tracker to track your location. Purchase a suitable GPS jammer to protect your privacy.