The heat dissipation of fixed jammers is higher than that of portable jammers

The jammer will work unconsciously, so people who want to record on the recorder will be pleasantly surprised when they hear the material. The jammer completely blocks all signals, so the phone cannot be used. The radius of the device: about 10 meters, its function is not lower than the fixed model, but in some ways it has won them. In addition, the jammer has a built-in battery, allowing you to use the jammer when there is no 220V fixed network nearby.

GSM jammer, it will cause interference on the frequency of the mobile operator. Operators operate at different frequencies according to modes (3G, 4G) and standards (GSM, DAMPS, CDMA). Therefore, several antennas are installed on the blocking device to close all ranges, and these antennas can work independently. Universal jammer. It applies to all frequency bands, such as mobile operators and satellite signals. It has multiple antennas that can interfere within a selected range. It also often offers the possibility of selective operation, namely the ability to generate noise only at selected frequencies (for example only in the range of the cellular communication standard GSM 1800).

The design and cooling system of this portable jammer is very small, with a built-in fan that can be automatically cooled for normal operation. Another big advantage of this mobile jammer is that you can turn on or off any frequency band without affecting the operation of other frequency bands. In addition, the device has a DC12V car charger, which can be used directly in the car, which is very convenient for people who want to use it in the car. If you only need this Messenger, you can directly visit our page. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult our professional customer service team, they will solve various problems and questions until you buy the required jammer.

However, in addition, the desktop jammer does not have a car charger, and only works when it is connected to a power adapter, while the portable wifi jammer is all car chargers, has a built-in battery, and can interfere like a mobile phone, except for small GPS, when Another difference that works when connected to an electric lighter and you should know is that fixed jammers have a higher heat dissipation than portable jammers because they are larger in size and have some built-in fans.