Military jammers can target signals of different frequencies

Do you know what terrorists’ most powerful and dangerous weapons are in all military conflicts? arms? car? tank? aircraft? You may have heard and already know the answer: IED. If not, here is a brief message. IED (Improved Explosive Device)-Manual bomb, which can be controlled by radio through GPS or other frequency bands. It can be placed almost anywhere: roads, fields, dust, dirt, hills, mountains, etc. During the Second World War conflict, improvised explosive devices were effectively used as a dreadful dangerous and extremely lethal weapon.

Five months later, his team discovered another device on the highway. Mason tried to disarm the device and died. And there are many such examples. Military jammers are making progress every day. Set them to prevent mutual interference. They are suitable for different types of IEDs and different frequencies. For example, a military signal jammer called the “Duke of Warlock” can intercept and block extended signals instead of blocking the entire bandwidth. There are other military jammers called “warlock red”, “warlock green”, “warlock blue” and so on. They are specified for different frequencies and IEDs. However, most importantly, in terms of signal interference, these jammers have become increasingly reliable.

As a civilian, you may be thinking: What use is it for me? First of all, if you have a soldier in your relatives or relatives, you will now know that the US government is spending a lot of money and scientific potential to ensure the maximum safety of the people fighting for their country. For example, it has spent $17 billion to purchase 50,000 units of military jammers from various suppliers. Second, you now know more about what is happening on the modern battlefield and the complexity of modern military conflicts. Third, you will now determine that military jammers have the greatest reliability when working. So please keep in mind that if you use this powerful military jammer to block nearby interference signals, you have used the best technical results when designing, manufacturing, and producing this device. One day, you may become the day to save someone’s life.