Use jammers as little as possible to affect the normal life of others

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Alliance, more than 100 million U.S. automakers make calls while driving. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that about 8% of drivers use mobile phones at any time every day. Fortunately, the percentage of drivers who are drunk at a given time is much lower. Just because 92% of drivers do not use mobile phones, but replace them on mobile phones, the number of car accidents is not high.

The use of mobile phones does not distract the driver. Scientists cited activities such as talking to passengers, eating, drinking, smoking, makeup, and listening to music, which are the oldest causes of distraction. However, some studies have shown that car phone calls are as dangerous as drunk drivers. The University of Utah study also confirmed the fact that drivers using hand-held or hands-free phones do not respond better to road conditions than drunk drivers. One of the solutions that can reduce the number of accidents caused by the use of mobile phones is to embed mobile phone noise in the car. Such proposals have already been discussed in some countries. Some states in the United States have passed laws that force car owners to make cell phone portable jammer in their cars. This is not an easy task, because it involves people’s freedom and deep-rooted car behavior.

Andy’s distractions are more dangerous than other distractions. The phone attracts your great attention, and it is much more difficult when the driver needs to make a quick decision on the road. And, as the statistics show, this happens often. From this perspective, the suggestion of embedding a mobile phone jammer in a car sounds reasonable. The inclusion of jammers in every vehicle is legal and will be very effective when used correctly. And the range of mobile phone jammers is limited to half a meter around the car. The device can be set up to perform only the functions you need. The device can be set to block only SMS, email and even all phone functions. However, the emergency number is always activated.

Mobile phone jammers are very convenient. They will not suppress all telephone signals, but will work when the engine is running or the car is not parked. Therefore, even if you are in a park or in a traffic accident, you can use your mobile phone for help. You can also set the device to perform only the required tasks. The device can be set to block only SMS, email and even all phone functions. However, the emergency call 911 is always activated. Therefore, Jammer Mobile will not prevent you from getting help in dangerous situations.