Non-adjustable jammer can only send a specific target signal

Johannesburg-The signal jammer used to interfere with the mobile phone communications in the Parliament is too small to encrypt the received signal on the aircraft or block the signal frequency above 100m. This is obvious from the perspective of a high-risk security expert at Fort Burg, who specializes in the international delivery of jamming equipment to areas like Afghanistan, where the equipment is used to combat remotely controlled bomb explosions. The expert who wanted to remain anonymous and do business east of Johannesburg said it needed a “powerful signal jammer” to prevent aircraft communications.

“The equipment used by the council has a power of 120 to 150 watts (interference) and can cover up to 150 m of frequency blockage. “To implement the no-fly zone, a powerful jammer must be used. “Which plane has a flight depth of more than 100 meters? This interference will not allow planes flying past Parliament.” National Security Minister David Mahlobo said earlier this week that the signal was interrupted It was an operation error caused by the staff on duty.

The minister said: “Operators cannot properly schedule the device, which affects some mobile phone users.” “The department is under investigation and may take disciplinary measures against the responsible personnel.” Malobo said that it represents the National Security Agency Such measures are taken at major events attended by the President and his Deputy Prime Minister, and such measures should also be taken when the threat and risk assessment are justified. “This operation must not frustrate members of Congress, the media, and anyone who has been to Congress. It shows the result of the device not being properly shut down.” Experts say that portable jammer can be built into VIP fleets to respond to threats. There are many better ways to deal with threats that may arise in Parliament.

“You plan to respond to the EFF. The jammer used can only send a mobile phone signal to respond to potential local threats. It is too public to block.” However, the person in charge of high-risk security also revealed that even at government meetings and In private companies, signal interference (even if not authorized by a national security agency) is “common”. In order to superimpose the input signal, the jammer only needs to generate about 2W. The expert said that he often receives requests from provincial government departments that want to purchase signal jammers for high-level board meetings.

“The jammer will interrupt the signal in an area. When the phone tries to connect to the tower, it will not, because the frequency is covered by other sounds.” This expert believes that the signal problem appears in private companies to “improve production efficiency and combat Corporate espionage.” Although it is illegal in South Africa, searching for “mobile phones or signal jammers” on the Internet has generated dozens of websites. Most are news reports about equipment and websites, including specifications of jammers to be sold. Many websites provide information including jammers. The police discovered the trafficker robbers and truck hijackers who used GPS jammers to help escape routes. Experts say: “Like any other product, I think the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.” “However, it is clearly illegal to sell or use them in South Africa, which is why we only sell them to international buyers.”