Jammers can also fool others from a distance

In today’s highly developed information industry, the communications industry is ubiquitous. At historical moments, cell phone jammers have appeared. Although jammers are not allowed in many countries, they fear that they will jeopardize public safety. However, the following four numbers must use signal interference. In recent years, I have missed a few calls to the cinema. During the filming process, not only did people’s phones ring, but the idiot in question answered, and then spoke at a normal volume, as if that was fine, not a reason for a legitimate murder. (In one of the films-the terrible land of lost people, so maybe I should be grateful for being distracted-I actually got up and said to the perpetrator: “Are you kidding?” The audience applauded, but I couldn’t help it. Heard the bloody hatred in my ears.)

If the gps jammer used in the theater enters the second second at a dim light, then concert performers, Broadway enthusiasts, movie fans, and many others do not have to worry about such rudeness. Of course, there is always an emergency or doctor’s help, or parents need to make sure that the nanny can reach them, and so on. But these people should find another way to kill time.

The sign should read: No, shoes are prohibited, phone calls are prohibited, and services are prohibited. If the customer is not willing to place an order on the server because they are on the phone, they should receive a 35% tip. Even better, tamperers in the bistro should shut down this so-called customer-if the call is so important, they can go out. There is no doubt that in most offices, e-mail and the Internet are absolutely necessary. But the phone? In a survey by Pew Research, only 24% of full-time or part-time adults said that mobile phones or smartphones were “very important” to complete their work. In other studies, 50% of bosses believe that mobile phones have a negative impact on workplace productivity.

In many places, using mobile phones is very dangerous-but these devices are likely to always sneak into the warehouse or assembly line floor. If the employer interferes with the signal, but allows emergency calls, it will not cause harm or foul. Parents can try parental control and monitoring software at will, but once children (even spouses or grandparents) have the freedom of a smartphone with a data plan, it is a good thing that they can try to let people talk while the family is eating.

Just as parents have the right to choose and have the right to disable WiFi at home, they should also have the option to interrupt cell phone signals if they wish. It is impossible to hold the phone in hand to prevent it from entering flight mode, and turning the house into a Faraday cage is extreme, and only the crowd in foil hats can try it. If needed or needed, always consider using an internal cell phone jammer. (Just keep the landline, guys.)