Jammers are frequently used in the military and prisons

The police and military can now use a new “weapon”: a frequency jammer. The communication method has recently changed, and some security services can now use this device, making the phone unavailable in certain areas at certain times.

Imagine: You are participating in a demonstrating peaceful demonstration and are trapped in a group of thugs? You take out the phone to find out the location of your friend, and then leave this problematic situation, but worry that you do not have an internet connection. why? The police may be using jammers.

The police and military can now use jammers, and the latest news was reported on Tuesday. These portable jammer  are systems that block communication between the transmitter and receiver in a certain area for a certain period of time. “Electronic Communication Law” has just expanded the scope of use of “jammers”, now there are several services that can use the device, but private use is still prohibited.

So far, only the military and prisons can use these devices. From now on, the Special Forces and Dog Support Department of the Federal Police, the National Security Agency, SEDEE (Explosives Removal and Destruction Service), Military Secret Service (SGRS), FPS Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior FPS can also use it.

Among other things, jamming jammers can also be used to stop suspects, criminal groups or during anti-terrorist communications. The military minesweeper (SEDEE) also prevents equipment from exploding when it is controlled remotely. Some cars are also equipped with a frequency jammer to prevent the owner from texting while driving. Just like in some rooms, to prevent the performance from being interrupted. What justifies this choice? However, the use of these devices is still strictly regulated, because these jammers will interfere with the surrounding network according to their range.