Jammers are used to prevent tactical communication of various radio equipment

At the partner exhibition of the Serbia Serbia Belgrade International Defense and Defense Equipment Exhibition in 2019, a new type of four-rotor drone was displayed. The drone is equipped with a jammer that can interfere with tactical communications. June 26, 2019.

At the partner exhibition in 2019, and at the International Defense and Defence Equipment Exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia, the Serbian Military Academy of Military Engineering and local companies developed a new four-rotor UAV portable jammer to disrupt tactics Communication.

A disturbance used to disrupt the tactical communication system was installed on the four axes of the drone, its electricity is powered by four electric DC motors, and has a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. The no-load weight is 35 kg and the battery weight is 107 kg. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 2,000 m with a maximum range of 6 km.

The jamming system installed on the quadcopter will prevent all communication between the drone and its operator in the frequency range of 30 to 88 MHz (optional RF power of 512 MHz and 50 W).

The jammer carried by the drone uses the drone as a platform for electronic attacks. The jammers of UAV vehicles used to interfere with tactical communications are used to prevent the tactical communication of various radio equipment. The range of such jammers can be greatly increased, ie. H. The interference area can be amplified many times from its initial ground interference position.

Another method of using a jammer carried by a drone may be the wrong target of an anti-radiation missile or a method of deceiving the enemy.