High-power jammers can prevent accidents in prisons

As we all know, prisons are facing new challenges. Criminals control efforts to control and escape prison activities. You need to set up a strong deterrent in the prison. You can block the transmission of Wi-Fi signals. This high-power GPS jammer can be as long as 150m. Can be used directly. Reasonable allocation is required during installation.

You cannot use your mobile phone in special places to prevent things from happening in important places (such as prisons). Use high-power and super effective military mobileĀ portable jammer. Designed with high output power. Meet the requirements of outdoor and indoor use. With shockproof function. Can play a role. Help maintain the required security.

Many devices have GPS. There are also risks. The GPS signal did not reach the radio wave. Can suppress radio waves within 2 to 15 m. It can properly protect personal information, security and privacy. You can block and block signals from satellites and base stations. Mobile phones are also very convenient. The quality is also good. You can put it in the bag. Many customers choose this GPS jammer. Very well received.

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