Jammers can block communication with the outside and prevent information leakage

It is also dangerous to use the phone in places such as gas stations. May cause an explosion. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in prisons. Through cell phone communication, criminals can do illegal things. Therefore, we prohibit the use of telephones in such places. However, some people use smartphones. We have developed equipment beyond the scope to ensure the safety of these locations. The device has low power consumption. Cell phone jammers can effectively disable cell phone signals in these places.

The blocking range can be adjusted according to customer needs. Help block telephone signals within a certain range. It is the ideal device for those who want to create a safe environment for themselves while driving. There are conditions for using this portable jammer. To avoid interference, we only install and operate GPS jammers when it is necessary to promote public interest (such as ensuring the quietness of a particular space). The method of using weak radio stations can be expected to have this effect.

The advantages of mobile phones go beyond the stability of communication. There are regulations prohibiting the use of mobile phones in places such as prisons and the military. I am worried about leaking important information. However, some people use smartphones. Developed by Jammer, it has been used in prison and military fields. If you need to strictly protect confidential information, you can block external communications and prevent information leakage. You can emit interfering radio waves. Interfere with communication. You can definitely prevent it.