In the future, drones will gradually disappear from people’s sight

Logically, the phenomenon of illegal drone overflights is growing, and with the commercial success of multi-rotor aircraft, the convenience of pilots, and the temptation to shoot beautiful videos from the sky of Paris, this will not stop…

After flying over the Elysee Palace in January last year, from Monday to Tuesday, 5 drones were spotted overnight, flying over the Eiffel Tower, Concorde, the U.S. Embassy and people with disabilities. According to the police, the flying height of these multi-rotor aircraft is between 100 and 300 meters, which is easy to reach for a “general” machine like DJI’s jubilant Phantom 2 Vision+.

Illegal overflights will increase. As we pointed out in January last year, please read “The drone over the Elysee, illegal jail escape will not stop.” These drones are becoming more and more popular and are real bestsellers in shops specializing in model making.

Equipped with sensors that enable everyone to drive, and equipped with Full HD or even 4K cameras, this temptation is very tempting, because these multi-rotor aircraft can fly in urban areas to record videos seen from the sky. Just as DGAC reminds us of common sense rules in its “Rules for the Use of Recreational Drones”, flying over is of course prohibited.

Laser cannons, future drone jammer, the fact is that as sales of these drones accelerate, illegal overflights will increase because it is difficult or even impossible to eliminate drones, let alone pilots.

Apart from worrying about the military police (one year in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros), the authorities can at least do much to avoid these illegal overflights. For machines with a range of more than 500 meters, it is difficult to identify the drone pilot “immersed” in controlling the multi-rotor through the video feedback on the smartphone. If the drone is in “autopilot” mode with pre-programmed waypoints or waypoints, it will be difficult or impossible to achieve.

For intercepting multi-rotor aircraft, the solution is still science fiction. The use of anti-drone laser cannons is expensive and cannot be used in cities. Also expensive and difficult to install in urban areas is a radio interference solution that targets drone transmissions without risking communications in the area. Today is not for tomorrow.

Is the responsible tornado nailed to the floor soon? At the same time, these current events will reappear and may affect those “entertaining sagging people” who use common sense logic when flying machines. Especially if these illegal overflights are still a minor incident, then when a multi-rotor weighing nearly 1 kilogram falls and hurts a natural person, the problem is very different. If these flying cameras are equipped with a large number of protective devices, such as B. failsafe/GPS or even larger parachutes, these devices are not foolproof, and the possibility of “serious” accidents in urban areas becomes more and more urgent.