4g jammer to avoid the bill

New York Times reporter Edward Wyatt recently stated that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reached an agreement with operators to notify customers if they may be charged additional fees. The deal, which will take effect within one year, was proposed after a year and a half of research by the Federal Communications Commission, which they called Bill Shock. Wyatt said that the shock of the bill was that “after customers receive a wireless bill once a month, they suddenly discover that they are wandering or misusing voice and information services and are charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sudden fees.”

Most U.S. wireless contracts make a plan once a month, arranging it for a series of talk time (including talk time) and limited text messages. After launching modern smartphones and tablets (such as the iPad), their plans now include a lot of information. Obviously, in the United States, invoices generated by customers who exceed these strict limits are usually much more expensive than monthly allowances. Although many operators provide routes for customers to check their usage, many operators do not.

Wyatt said that all carriers lack goodwill due to overuse of a service that has become an important customer group and sometimes overcharges. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that tens of millions of telephone users are hit by these overuse charges each year. It seems that the Federal Communications Commission is also worried that the substantial increase in the use of information will lead to “a complete breakdown of radio waves, and wireless providers find that they cannot accept the download request.”

It seems that after a vacation or when your children cannot restrict their use of mobile phones, some measures must be taken to deal with the possible problem of excessive mobile phone bills. To fully control your family’s mobile phone situation, use a 4G jammer to avoid bills and make sure you only pay for calls and text messages in your wireless plan to save money. Hard-earned!