GPS jammer can isolate remote control vehicles

This is perhaps the most impressive case in the Fourth Amendment: The Supreme Court issued many oral arguments on Tuesday about whether the police can install GPS trackers on vehicles without a judicial order and monitor every One action this car.

The Obama administration has told all judges that it has completely released the right to conduct such surveillance on as many people as it wants at any time, without any legal control. The federal government said this also includes connecting gps jammer devices to the Supreme Court Justice’s vehicle. In this era, the size and price of credit cards for GPS tracking tools are less than $200, and more and more, they will become smaller, cheaper, and more powerful. This is a shocking idea. Other PC equipment.

I listened attentively to these arguments, and worried that my rapid and intermittent use of the minibar in the comfortable DC hotel would lead to a court ruling that ultimately violated the privacy law. This thought-provoking fear is not out of reach. The reason is as follows: I just went to BYOB to the hotel’s mini bar, took out soda, beer and snacks-put it back later, and replaced it with Sierra Nevada lager. It was not until later that I saw the notice in the refrigerator saying:

When the Supreme Court debates whether Americans have “reasonable” expectations, their activities will not be electronically monitored. But today, we are paying $300 for a hotel room that secretly monitors your drinks. This is when millions of people voluntarily “check” all actions on FourSquare and Facebook, and we automatically donate various mobile apps , We will use all rights to follow us anytime, anywhere.

All this means that we voluntarily conduct various unfounded checks on our actions. But for those who are unwilling to let the authorities take action and let them follow you around the clock, 365 days a year, choice is your choice. When using a GPS tracker jammer in a car, no matter what type of GPS tracker is connected to the vehicle, it will not work properly.

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