GPS jammer has a multi-band direction finder system

The company has many different gps jammer devices designed to monitor cell phone activity within a defined range and detect them, and track their presence and location. In order to understand how they track your phone, you can take a closer look at each device provided by Berkeley Varitronics Systems.

Wolfhound-PRO has an advanced receiver and multi-band direction finder system, which can achieve truly accurate cell phone tracking. This device can be used as a mobile phone finder, GPS tracker and wireless phone tracker using the US DECT 6.0 system. Whether you are trained or not trained at all, simple trackball operation and bright OLED display will allow you to easily use this tracking device.

Watchhound is another electronic device of Berkeley Varitronics Systems. It is installed on the wall to monitor any type of mobile phone activity in the surrounding area. All calls in this area are recorded and time stamped, and can be used in future analysis. It is also worth mentioning that the device can easily be disguised as a regular thermostat on the wall and can work in secret.

Wolfhound is a simpler tracking device that can be used for portable detection of mobile phone activity, mobile phone location and location tracking. This allows the device to use the phone’s voice, text and even data transmission to detect and track. It also has a directional antenna to better track the phone. It has two different models: one for frequencies in the United States and the other for Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Wolfhound-Lite is the latest device in this series. It looks like a simple pager, has a pocket size, and works completely hands-free. It is used to detect nearby mobile phone activity and notify its users. It has a 9V battery that can be removed and recharged, a beautiful OLED display and a carrying case.

As you can see, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has many features that can provide potential customers with potential customers who track your phone and detect your location. Their equipment uses the GSM frequency band in their work, and sometimes the GPS frequency band. Therefore, you should use a GSM GPS jammer to ensure that Berkeley Varitronics Systems equipment will not harm you.