Signal jammers are used to stop U.S. military roadside bombs

We know that the mobile phone jamming law will interfere with changes in other parts of the world, some areas are restricted, but some areas are allowed, and some suspensions.. Signal jammers will eliminate malicious calls in public places. In India, they installed hardware to protect the meeting from interference. In addition, the people of India and China extensively use signal jammers to deter school fraudsters. Even in Mexico, churches and hospitals allow the use of signal jammers in Pakistan, thereby allowing the use of banks and libraries.

Signal portable jammer are considered roadside bombs and GPS tracking and positioning weapons. To protect government officials, signal jammers are used to prevent bombs launched by mobile phones from being attacked. As we all know, after President Barack Obama took office, he walked along Pennsylvania Avenue and all phones were blocked – we know that the bombs are controlled by phones and controllers, but radar jammers can stop. Signal jammers have also been used in Iraq to stop US military roadside bombs.

The question arises: Why do strict laws on signal interference apply to everyone except government officials? It is believed that not only government officials need equipment, but many theaters, restaurants, and businesses also need equipment. Some people also want to use signal jammers to do something. In short, the right to equal use in public places, silent and private environments also faces the threat of roadside bombs, and jammers can be installed in theaters and restaurants. Pure life.