Commercial use of jammers

One of the joys of adding to the many air shows on our annual to-do list is the opportunity to see new aircraft, new products and newcomers. I’m sure that many “new” exhibitors I meet every year have been exhibiting for many years and haven’t noticed them yet, but it is always fun to meet new people, such as Maxim Antonov from Avioconversiya (with Russian aircraft designer) .

Antonov company produces gsm and radio portable jammer. Its booth at the Dubai Air Show in November is located in the front and center next to the main entrance of the showroom. The name on the booth screen says it all: JAMMERS is here.

Many people want to buy one of these devices, but they think their price is too high-the truth is, signal blockers are very cheap, and you will be surprised at such low prices. However, like all other electronic devices, you should stay away from cheap and notorious brands because their jammers are usually ineffective and easily damaged. As mentioned earlier, the most important feature of these devices is their blocking frequency. Carefully study the frequencies used in your area to find the best jammers that support these frequencies. I assure you, buy

Maxim happily provided me with background knowledge of Avioconversiya based in Moscow, including the story of how President George W. Bush complained about Avioconversiya jammers throwing American GPS guided missiles at the beginning of the 2001 war. Iraq. Maxim also discussed the usefulness of anti-jamming equipment in combating pirates, especially those attacking commercial transportation in the Gulf of Aden.