Cell phone jammer prevents the phone from connecting to the network

Are drunk passengers screaming their “private” lives when facing the entire truck and get drunk through telephone conversations? There are two solutions for you to choose: lightly tap his shoulder to show your troubles, or, more dangerously, cut him off by activating a cell phone jammer.

Jammers are known as “mobile phone portable jammer ” in the United States and emit radio waves to prevent mobile phones from connecting to the Internet. For small children, the radius is within five meters, while the equipment used for police is within a radius of several hundred meters.

The GSM jammer or GSM jammer only obscures the GSM frequency band. The radio communication of the control unit and its components will not be affected because it will pass through the 433 and/or 868Mhz frequency bands.

Therefore, thieves use GSM jammers to prevent alarms from being sent over the phone. In addition, the thief can also cut off the telephone line to ensure that the property does not sound the alarm.

How to protect your siren from GSM interference The remedy is not good, and the siren manufacturer did not spend a long time developing countermeasures to respond.