The jammer can prevent the sending and receiving of GSM mobile and wifi interference waves

As the follower of the “Pokémon GO” game surged this summer, an augmented reality game includes hunting about 151 Pokémon in the city via a smartphone or tablet (Nintendo characters such as Roucool, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, etc.) Others), for the sake of public order and the greater good, the Ministry of Education of the State should consider installing mobile portable jammer  in educational institutions at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. children.

The device can prevent the transmission and reception of GSM mobile and wifi interference waves, and block network reception within the required radius, which is equivalent to a classroom or even a place. This is a very effective parade for instant messaging, photo sharing, video playback on Youtube and even games.

But this means that neither students nor national educators can use mobile phones inside the enterprise. There is no doubt that this is the main obstacle! Moreover, the ministry will have to obtain special authorization. In fact, Article L33-3-1 of the Postal and Communication Law prohibits the possession and use of any equipment designed to make all types of electronic communication equipment unable to send and receive. In France, only the military, the Directorate-General for External Security (secret department), prisons and even theaters allow the use and use of scramblers.

Therefore, I looked for a solution to protect myself, and through scientific explanation, I found that the best solution is a wifi jammer. I found a French website that has been on sale for three years and the seller assured me that its use is legal. The seller also told me that he is also sensitive to electricity, and he uses a wifi jammer to protect himself from neighbors’ wifi. With my understanding and layman’s language, I would say that the jammer “disperses” the waves, thereby eliminating their harm, and reinterpreting his interpretation.

Even if this is not the target, the jammer may interfere with my neighbor’s wifi network, or even completely prevent them from using it (I don’t fully understand the seller’s explanation of this topic, but we can logically worry about interference).