Jammers become an important part of life

Mobile phones have not only become an important part of our lives, but also present new challenges to school administrators. They must use mobile phones to deceive and distract themselves during class to fight with students. The problem has become so serious that some school districts, such as New York City, have completely banned the use of mobile phones in schools. After criticizing the total prohibition policy, some school districts have reconsidered and are moving towards owning mobile phones. However, allowing mobile phones does not alleviate the challenges faced by school administrators. Teachers report that their educators often confiscate mobile phones to prevent improper use. If educators use mobile phones improperly, they risk making the school liable. Some school administrators are considering using technology to partially solve their dilemma.

In a recent article, a science teacher was found to interfere with students’ cell phone signals. The teacher’s efforts to redirect students met administrative opposition. Teachers should involve students in the learning process so that they do not need to use mobile phones when teaching.

According to the article, science teachers in Florida were frustrated with continuing to use student mobile phones during teaching and decided to block the signal. After the administrator learned of the teacher’s efforts, they decided to suspend his salary.

The science teacher wrote a letter about the use of cell phone portable jammer  and said that he hoped that the students would continue to focus on their studies. He felt that instructions to stop telling students to put in their phones or confiscate their phones and put them in boxes approved by the school would be counterproductive.

First of all, students can play with mobile phones in school, and can train teachers for discipline, which can reduce the burden on teachers to a certain extent, but this is not a very good solution. Using a mobile phone jammer may be a good way to solve the problem of students playing with mobile phones. You may ask, use a mobile phone signal jammer, even if it is not the teacher’s phone? The answer is yes. Schools can turn on the jammer at a specific time, install the jammer in a certain place, and adjust the interference range. In the student dormitory, you can install a mobile phone jammer, which will only interfere with the student dormitory, so that students can have a better rest without being affected by bad rest. In the area where the teacher installs the jammer, you can learn by yourself during the opening hours, and the teacher’s space will not be installed, which will not affect the normal use of the teacher, and it can also effectively limit the phenomenon of students playing on the phone. Isn’t this a problem of two things?