The jammer is a large area destruction weapon

Although Russia defends Iran’s right to develop its own space program, countries such as the United Kingdom and France still severely criticize the launch of Iranian satellites. The coronavirus can stagnate the entire global economy and society as we know it, but it has not slowed down the militarization of space. “I’m not sure whether Russia, China, and Iran are using COVID-19 to advance the testing and deployment of their ballistic missile and anti-satellite capabilities,” said Frank Rose, former U.S. Secretary of State and Senior Administrator for Arms Control. The Brookings Institution staff, Al Jazeera said. “However, for me, one thing is very clear: These countries consider ballistic missiles and anti-satellite weapons to be the core of their strategy against the most important military advantage of the United States.”

In early March, the US Space Force announced that it had purchased its first offensive weapon system, a satellite signal jammer known as the “Anti-Communication System.” Two weeks later, China launched three classified military satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), and the state-owned Xinhua News Agency said it will serve as a remote sensing technology testing team. Earlier this month, Russia tested a missile developed for the country’s anti-satellite missile system (ASAT).

The latest activity comes from Iran. The last major incident occurred last Wednesday. When Iran successfully put the so-called four-kilogram reconnaissance satellite into orbit, it triggered a series of national allegations against a series of ballistic missile developments. These allegations came from Commander Jie. In a satirical tweet by Jay Raymond. The U.S. Space Force calls Iranian satellites a “space roll camera.” Although space is not a new battlefield for Russia, China, the United States and other militaries, it is an art for Iran. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Iran has been using deception-the propagation of signals to imitate GPS and satellite portable jammer technology, targeting US ships and foreign broadcasters.

Although many people are concerned about the launch of the Nour-1 satellite itself, some experts said that the event officially revealed what they have known about Iran’s “space” knowledge of itself for some time. Since 2017, the Iranian Space Agency has failed four attempts to launch satellites on the launch pad and carry out mysterious rocket explosions. It is speculated that foreign sabotage may have caused one or all of the failures and explosions, and may have caused unrelated fires, which killed three people at the Imam Khomeini Space Center in February 2019. Kaitlyn Johnson, assistant director of the CSIS Aviation Safety Program, told Al Jazeera that the successful launch on Wednesday not only surprised her, but she was also responsible for it. “What may be different is that a series of failures of the Iranian Space Agency were carried out from the very famous spaceport we tracked, which the US government is monitoring. But the successful launch was actually said by the military and Johnson.

It is said that during the launch last week, IRGC has brought the CubeSat and the three-stage Qased rocket to the mobile launch platform of Shahroud, located about 330 kilometers outside Tehran in the Central Desert. North Korea uses a similar launch platform because intelligence agencies and their imaging satellites are more difficult to monitor. as usual?
Most of the people on the planet where these provocative events have occurred are focused on the fight against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Russia, China, Iran, and the United States have all been criticized for handling this pandemic.

The timing seems a bit lucky, but Namarata Goswami, an independent analyst and writer who specializes in space policy, told Al Jazeera that the pandemic has not fixed a timing. She said: “It took a long time. The pandemic situation has created a window of strategic opportunity.” “Although these space launches are usually planned in advance, it clearly shows that the actions of both China and Russia are aimed at the United States. Create strategic vulnerability.” Goswami said, she believes that for Iran, the United States assassinated IRGC’s commander-in-chief General Qassem Soleimani in a drone attack in January. The IRGC speedboat flood hit the Gulf recently. US Navy warships in the region. work. She said: “The Nur satellite successfully launched into Earth orbit. This is the first time Iran has used a new type of “Kassad” missile to prove that Iran has shaken and humiliated Iran’s supreme leader in this assassination. “These space launches are usually To show that the leadership of the final boundary is controversial. “