Keep the mobile phone jammer always in good working condition

A cell phone jammer is a device used to prevent mobile devices from receiving signals from their base stations. Cell phone jammers were originally designed for law enforcement and military purposes to prevent communications between terrorists and criminals. They are also common in prisons, where (obviously) prisoners are not allowed to use cell phones. After the public discovered this technology, many people (especially employers) wanted to use it themselves, especially in big cities, where everyone seemed to be calling.

For 4G mobile phone signal jammers, we all know that they are interfered by the downlink. However, due to the influence of many factors such as technical cost, price, production, etc., it is difficult to achieve downlink interference. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have improved the interference effect without precision. The frequency range setting of, causes a certain upward interference energy, if it can greatly increase the interference, it will play a lucky role, but it will harm the public interest;

I don’t feel tired when I hold a GPS phone. Therefore, since its design is golden, its color is indeed bright and beautiful. In addition, if there are four antennas in the design, then the 3G GPS mobile phone can cut off the CDMA GSM DCS plug PCS 3G and GPS signals at the same time, which is very powerful, but an ideal frequency. In addition, the 3G GPS mobile phone battery mobile gps blocker also has a built-in cooling system, such as a cooling fan, and the 3G GPS handheld mobile phone jammer is always in good working condition. In addition, because the mobile phone has used the car charger gps jammer, and because of this design, the handheld gps mobile jammer can be conveniently used in people when needed, which is for the car owner.

The mobile phone signal may vary greatly in the same room, in different places, and at different times. According to actual experience, it can reach 10dBm, which is 10 times different according to the conversion success rate. Therefore, the mobile phone signal jammer is actually a very demanding technical project, and the purchase is not a simple self-installing jammer. Site survey, power calculation, architectural design, equipment debugging, etc. are complementary and inseparable.