The jammer will interrupt the connection between the phone and the base station

Some interfering devices can adjust cell phone communication. In short, by sending a signal at the same frequency as the network at the desired location, the jammer will not be able to communicate with the cell phone base station. The device can be used for many purposes. I know it has many uses. That’s important. For example, many companies have obtained this deterrent effect. When negotiating, we use this equipment in the meeting room. Ensure confidentiality and prevent information leakage.

However, in terms of prisons, we are working hard to take more radical measures. In this case: the public authority decides to install equipment that allows telephone interference waves to communicate with the telephone. For example, the POA union supports this solution, not hesitating to point out that more than 7,000 phones and SIM cards were confiscated in prisons in Wales and England last year. The organization said: “For POA, all phone handheld jammer should be equipped with blockers, and all prisoners with mobile phones should be prosecuted.”

François Cornut-Gentille, a senior representative on UMP, recently defended this position in France. In March last year, he called for “the installation of corrugated jammers to prevent illegal introduction of mobile phones into prisons.” However, the elected officials have yet to receive a reply from the Minister of Justice to his written questions. In any case, it should be remembered that such solutions that are regularly proposed often face implementation problems: areas of action that are sometimes difficult to grasp may have limited costs. It proves to be troublesome to administrative management.