The mobile jammer has a high-power design and a strong interference range

This is a device that can block radio waves to the car GPS receiver. It is said that GPS jammer are on the market. If the device jams, the phone will be out of range and the phone cannot be used. There is a convenient GPS circuit breaker that supports such devices. A car charger is also included, so you can charge while running. In a few seconds, navigation cannot be performed like GPS. Determine the ability to receive obstacles. Even if the output is small, interference may occur. The phone is convenient because you can do all kinds of things. You need to realize that this is an advanced tracking technology. There are currently many GPS tracking applications with location tracking capabilities. It usually goes unnoticed, just like being watched by someone all the time. Personal privacy may have been leaked. There are some interfering devices that can avoid tracking. The radio waves of the smartphone can be cut off. The mobile jammer has a high-power design. There is a strong interference range.

In the beginning, almost everyone started buying interference devices and using them. However, the government believes that for this reason, prohibiting the use of any blocking devices, such as police stations and hospitals, is inappropriate, because if there are such devices around, it means that the authorities cannot receive calls from annoying citizens. It may delay the patient’s treatment time and cause death. Whether or not to allow Jammer is entirely up to the government. If you think this is a very useful device for you, you can buy it on the Internet. As for the poor appearance, radio waves to the human brain may cause mild damage and even severe headaches. But in the development of our ubiquitous radio technology today, mobile phones, telephones, etc.! If you need to, you can rest assured that the rate of human injury is very low and the mobile phones are basically the same, so don’t worry.

Thieves do not need Auto Plus to learn new car theft techniques. On the other hand, our readers are always curious to see these tricks and discover what these scammers have unearthed to steal the contents of our cars. The general trend in recent years is “break-in”. Learn how to open and close the car without having to suspect the slightest intrusion. Auto Plus also accidentally discovered a new weapon whose design is as simple as its function: jamming the radio broadcast of a GPS jammer. This small box is made in China and can be purchased on the counter at an attractive price: about 60 euros! Thanks to him, we were able to discover modern cars, real sieves, and cars. For more information, François Tarrain, reporter for Auto Plus editorial staff. The principle of operation is simple: you can lock your car while the thief presses the remote control at the same time… and then you are done! never mind. The door is no longer closed. Therefore, it is necessary to manually check whether the door is properly locked. During the test, 8 out of every 10 cars were trapped….